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  CASCADE MICROPHONES Are Used In Studios And On Stage Worldwide  
  Cascade Ribbon Microphones are quickly becoming the new go to microphone for recording a varity of instruments including electric guitars, horns, and drum overheads. Our microphones can be found in the finest studios and on the biggest stages, but are still priced for the everyday musician. From our best selling FAT HEAD to the ground breaking ACTIVE/PASSIVE we have a microphone for almost any use. If great sound at an affordable price sounds like something you want, then Cascade Microphones are for you. Please visit our MICROPHONE PAGE for a look at our entire microphone line.  
  Buddy Miller and Mike Poole worked on the newest Wood Brothers recording "The Muse". This video features our new ACTIVE/PASSIVE FAT HEAD II microphone as well as the GOMEZ short ribbon microphones.       Glenn Phillips lead singer for Toad the Wet Sprocket and independent musician reordered an entire record with a single Cascade X-15 stereo ribbon.  
                           The Wood Brothers-Keep Me Around
"I just thought you might be interested- The new Wood Brothers album "The Muse" comes out October 1st, Cascade mics are all over it. We used the Active/Passive, Gomez, C77, and FAT HEADS.
Best, Mike Poole
      Glen Phillips just completed a new album called "Coyote Sessions" done completely live with one Cascade X-15 stereo microphone. The album was recorded at Coyote Road Studio in Santa Barbara. Artist list includes- Jim Connolly, Alastair Greene, Tariqh Akoni and Sean McCue.  Video shot by Nina McCue.   
  Joe Carrell from Nashville has been recording with Cascade Ribbon Microphones for quite some time now. Look for a series of informational videos from Joe and Cascade about our microphones. Please take the time to check out the whole video, but there are some highlights you might want to focus in on at the starting at the 3:35 mark.      

This is a video demonstration of 4 different models of Cascade Ribbon Microphones on an acoustic source, in this case a Tony Francis Weissenborn played by Thomas Oliver. The 4 microphones are a Fathead I, Fathead I Lundahl Transformer, Gomez, and the X-15. We also recorded a vintage AKG C414 BULS as a reference microphone.

                           AJ Woodworth and The Matinee
Cascade Microphones would like to thank Joe Carrell and AJ Woodworth and The Matinee for a look inside their recording session.
Cascade Ribbon Microphones are Steely Dan's choice when playing live. Their tours in 2011/2012 featured 6 Cascade FAT HEAD II microphones on their guitar amps. Charles Martinez (Steely Dan's sound person) selected Cascade Ribbon's because they do the best job of capturing the natural tone Steely Dan is known for. Photos are courtesy of Joshua Timmermans (The Noble Visions)

STEELY DAN On Tour With 6 Cascade FAT HEAD II Microphones

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  Take A Look (And Listen) To Some Of Our Friends   
  Scott Sharrard tracked his guitar with a FAT HEAD II on "Didn't Wanna Fall in love and Twilight Angel" on his new album Samples courtesy of Scott Sharrard and Charles A. Martinez.

Buddy Miller and his band of musical masters used Cascade Ribbons on many of the tracks on this record.

Richard Thompson--Congratulations to Richard on being voted one of the top 20 best guitar players of all time. (RollingStone Magazine). Here's Richard using a FAT HEAD II to mic-up his guitar on his latest
tour "ELECTRIC".


Jack Douglas
Producer: Aerosmith, John Lennon, Cheap Trick, and more.Cascade Ribbon Microphones are Jacks new ribbon mic for tracking guitars - When recording guitars the CASCADE FATHEAD II is my new go-to ribbon microphone, I love the warmth and growl this microphone produces. "It's like no other"


Mike Poole Nashville Audio Engineer

Recent Clients: Robert Plant, Buddy Miller, Martina McBride, Ricky Skaggs, Rick Trevino, Patty Griffin and many more.

Mike Poole- Nashville Audio Engineer

"I just finished a few days of tracking on a project with modern jazz drummer Dave King, most widely known for his work as a member of the avant-garde trio The Bad Plus. For Dave's kit I used a four-microphone setup, of which two- the overheads- were Cascade Active/Passive Fatheads. They worked perfectly for this application and gave us exactly what we needed- a good sonic image of the kit with no hype or brittle top end, enough lows to cover the toms well, and enough sensitivity to pickup all the detail on the snare and cymbals. Dave was loving the way the drums were sounding, and was impressed with the performance of the A/P Fatheads. I've attached some MP3s of the full four-mic kit as well as just the overheads."




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