Cascade VIN-JET/FAT HEAD II microphone demonstration by the fine folks of STL Audio.


My name is Jeremy Coverdale, I run a studio in Redding, Ca. I also play in Wesley Jensen and the Wildcats. We have been using your Fat Head mic a lot for various different tracking needs and I really love what you have done. I gotta say, I have been using this mic with many other mics 10x the price and it really holds up. The Fat Head I am using is not even the upgraded one. I am amazed by the warmth and clarity.

Also, We just made a little promo video of a live recording of one of our new songs and recorded all the audio with the Fat Head placed in the middle with us standing around the mic. I ran the mic into a Universal Audio LA610 (really makes this mic come alive). This is a live one take video and I am more than happy with how well the audio came through. It took a little figuring out the best distance from the mic for each of us but I think we really got a good mix... there was very little eq done and NO overdubs.

Various Cascade Models:

This is a video demonstration of 4 different models of Cascade Ribbon microphones on an acoustic source, in this case a Tony Francis Weissenborn played by Thomas Oliver. The 4 microphones are a Fathead I, Fathead I Lundahl Transformer, Joly Edition and the X-15. We also recorded a vintage AKG C414 BULS as a reference microphone.

We recorded 3 takes all to a click so the mic's could be solo'd over one video. There are small visual sync discrepancies. (if you look hard)in each take we recorded the 414, the demo Cascade in question and the X-15. The audio cycles through each of the mic's and them all 3 at once, it does this 3 times once for each ribbon. Fathead I, Fathead I + Lundahl and Joly. It was recorded @ 96k in Pro Tools HD 8 thru Aurora converters, pre amps are Buzz Audio Elixirs.Recorded by Troy Kelly @ STL Audio Wellington, NZ


STL Audio demonstrating how great Cascade's Fathead Ribbon Microphones sound on heavy guitars. In this video we are comparing it to a Sennhieser E609, a widely used microphone on guitar cabs. We recommend using the full screen feature when viewing this video.



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